Established 2012

Street Eats brings together the best street food from around the world, combining the most interesting and edgy global flavours for dishes that are honest, stripped back and full of goodness

Thought, time and energy go into selecting and perfecting our dishes, as our chefs taste and tweak to develop truly authentic flavours. Our open kitchen is all part of the theatre and passion of our food, so that Street Eats becomes about the whole experience of global travel, culture and cuisine

How It All Started

Street Eats is the culmination of a passion for cooking that has seen me work in some of the finest restaurants around the world, from London and Dublin to Boston and Manhattan, along with years spent travelling the globe with my other passion, my surfboard. France, Morocco, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Miami, Indonesia; all of these places and extraordinary experiences have shaped what Street Eats is all about

It was in 2010, in a small surfing town in Sri Lanka that Street Eats was truly born. In search of cheap, nutritious food I came across a small stall, buzzing with westerners and locals, and began talking to the owner over some of Sri Lanka’s finest Kottu Roti

The very next day I joined him in his humble kitchen, cooking bare chested and in board shorts, mopping the sweat with old newspapers, and learning everything he knew about Sri Lankan street food. Paid for with a couple of bottles of Arak, which we would share at the end of the evening shift, this was to be my training, my inspiration and my passion for Street Eats

To me, Street Eats is all about honest, fresh, and nutritious ingredients, that explode with the flavours of my travels; the heart and soul of the streets of the world